21 December 2007

So, just don't fall

I saw this sign and thought it was amusing so I snapped a picture of it. Any guesses as to what happened about thirty seconds afterwards?

I think I actually cartwheeled. I didn't slide much, but it took me a while to find my left ski, which was about 50 feet downhill, standing straight up in the snow. And yes, there was an audience on the chairlift to bear witness of my humiliation.

Skiing karma.

Oh well. At least it was my only fall of the day. There's some consolation.


  1. Snow...I love snow...

    It's like 70 here...I'm jealous.

  2. I was skiing the Silver Fir chair area of Summit West last year and some guy fell at the top of the run right under the chair... slid all the way to the bottom of the run, losing everything along the way. Fortunately, some kind soul skied down after him to round up his gear.

  3. er, Summit East - sorry

  4. beautiful place though...

  5. Falls can be so humiliating. Probably brought some smiles to their faces and good thing you were alright. Looks like beautiful country there and beautiful snow! :)

    Their EDs must be busy around there!


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