10 December 2007

Awesome health wonkery

Working a slow night shift, and my brain is poorly functional due to sleep deprivation, and I don't trust myself to actually write a real, original post. So I'll throw out the links to the posts I found most interesting tonight:

Joe Paduda explains in the journal of the American Academy of Actuaries why he thinks health care reform may actually be inevitable this go-round. (warning: PDF)

I had drafted a post on why mandates of some sort are essential to making a national health plan work. Maggie Mahar does a much better job, so I deleted mine. Go read hers. Spoiler: it's all about the risk pooling.

MedinformaticsMD joins in the outcry about Sec Leavitt's "Don Corleone" offer that physicians can't refuse: get an EMR or miss out on those lavish medicare reimbursements!

DrRich at Covert Rationing writes about the government's regulatory speed trap set for physicians in the vague and ill-defined documentation guidelines.

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  1. Paduda is, as usual, wrong. It should be obvious to anyone following the SCHIP debate that his brand of comprehensive reform (i.e. more government meddling in health care) isn't going to fly. I explain this in much greater detail here here.


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