29 November 2007

We need more politicians like this

From The Guardian:

For 25 years Peter Garrett was the frontman of Midnight Oil, an Australian rock band known for its raucously loud music and protest songs about social and environmental issues. Then the bald 6ft 6in singer hung up his microphone, disbanded the group and exchanged his rock star clothes for the sombre suits of a politician. After a meteoric rise through the ranks of Australia's Labor party, he was yesterday named environment minister in the newly elected government.
I remember seeing them live at Chicago's Poplar Creek in 1990 (yeah, I'm old) and again in 1993 at the World Music Theater. Damn they put on a fine show. Peter Garrett was one of the most amazing performers I have ever seen. The amount of energy he expended performing would have put James Brown to shame. Midnight Oil still figures prominently in my workout playlists. Weird to think of him as a "Minister" of anything, but I guess that's Oz, innit?


  1. We need more politicians like this

    Yes, yes we do.

    Michael Stipe for Secretary of the Interior! Joe Satriani for...something!

    (I bet you are not as old as I.)

  2. That's walking the walk. (How do we sleep when our beds are burning?) Garret's like a more wonkish Bono. Good for him. A great song-writer, too. Listen to the bridge in 'Antarctica.'

  3. Unfortunately, he just was gagged, figuratively speaking. Apparently, his own party is so afraid that Garrett might once again insert his foot deep into his throat that the treasurer will speak on issues of climate change, for example.

    Could it be that Garrett was just flypaper for voters who cannot tell a singer from a politician? (A singer, for instance, might once in a while speak the truth -- that explains the need to shut him up.)



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