24 October 2007

Things that make me unhappy

It's 9:30 AM and I have already driven 85 miles today.

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  1. My sympathies. Really. I absolutely loathe driving, unless its on a track, for fun.

    I am moving back to our country house until our place over here is finished, which means a 40+ mile commute to take the boys to school. That's each way, four times a day.

    If you must do a lot of driving, though, I can't recommend the Valentine One highly enough. Still legal in Florida, though I'm not sure it is in your area. Still, if one gets stopped for doing a mere 10 over the limit here, it can cost more than $200 and load one up with points (and insurance rate hikes), and Florida is famous for speed traps (long, empty, open roads that one would assume carry 55mph speed limits, minimum, but which are actually 35 mph zones in order to supplement the town's income).


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