26 October 2007


The good folks over at MedPage Today thought it would be a great idea to have medical bloggers-in-residence at their site, providing original content and insight into medical issues of the day. And they turned, of course, to the most renowned and admired medical blogger out there, Kevin Pho, to set up the program. Really, it's a perfect idea -- what better way to attract traffic to their informational site than to bring on board the unique and provocative opinions of several well-regarded bloggers like Kevin, MD, Dr Wes, electrophysiologist, and the Highly Distractable Dr Rob?

Kevin, however, after one of his well-publicized laudanum binges, also invited me, of all people, to be part of this project. At least I assume he was blotto -- I can't think of any other explanation for including me in this otherwise serious endeavor. Being the Accomplished Writer and Savvy Negotiator that I am, I held out for the same deal that Herman Melville got when he wrote Moby-Dick: $5 per page. It turns out that was a lot more money in 1851 than it is today. Damn.

But I am now, for better or worse, inarguably and indisputably, a PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER.

Head on over to the MedPage Blogger page. Bookmark it. Or wait a few days till we have the RSS feed up and bookmark that. I'll still post here as I currently do. There may be a bit of cross-posting, but I'll try to keep the topics separate. For those who like my medical blogging but hate my politics, your wish is granted: except for some health policy stuff, I'll try to keep the politics over here.



  1. You've hit the big time, Dr. Shadowfax! Don't go all namby-pamby now! :-)

  2. I've been wondering the same thing but it'd be nice if you can change the main topic behind because it's a polarized issue and everyone can note it, specially if you're assuming the information as a realistic opinion.


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