10 October 2007

Liveblogging ACEP

I had fully intended to give a detailed running account of this year's Scientific Assembly. Unfortunately, this has been the busiest and most hectic SA ever for me. I have been running from lecture to committee meetings to interviews to meetings with insurers, billing agencies, ED Information system vendors and more. And socializing, of course. Even though we are basically in my home town, I haven't seen my kids in three days.

Probably the most fun has been the recruiting. I have met maybe a dozen senior residents from exceptional training programs, all lured to the balmy Pacific Northwest. Fun to meet and get to know these guys (and girls), and also fun to pitch our group to them, since I am really proud of the organization we have built.

Now I am tired. I have come across a lot of interesting info which I hope to reflect on more in the coming days. For now I offer the following insight:

The Coding and Nomenclature committee is the most boring thing I have ever endured.

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  1. Curious if Epic (EMR software vendor) showed up at ACEP. They were the one big EMR vendor absent from ENA in Salt Lake City last week.


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