28 October 2007

Leopard bugs

Lots of them out there, apparently. Including the dreaded "Blue screen of Death" finally making an appearance in the Mac world.

I got lucky. Only one, and that easily enough resolved with five minutes research at the Apple Support page.

But it was a scary one. My administrator password got lost, and the fix involved booting into unix mode and typing things like:

dscl . -delete /Users/[username] AuthenticationAuthority
and ever since I learned about rm -r (deletes all files on the machine) I have been leery of mucking with the command-line interface.

But now TimeMachine is steadily plugging away backing up my irreplacables and I am enjoying my flip-view finder and all is good in the world.


  1. There is no such thing as a "Blue screen of death" on Mac. What you are seeing is a blank desktop and Finder has failed to start (which is why the background did not come up).

    A "Blue screen of death" on a Mac is a black and white screen that says "You must restart your computer" in 7 or 8 languages, and it totally locks the computer and greys out your desktop.

    That is all.

  2. Oh, let's not be pedantic. A blue screen which goes nowhere is as equivalent enough to the Windows BSoD as mekes no difference. More so, simply for the symbolic value.

  3. In fact
    on my 3 month old 17" MBP notebook, i got a screen with no language, and yes the background was blue, and yes it was as though it had died - I think for more than symbolic reasons it was a BSD
    I have read many people with similar problem that when ever you resume from the deep sleep hibernate mode, the keyboard becomes inoperative for 30 seconds whenver you switch task !!! The ONLY cure so far is a re-boot. Makes the whole hbernat thing useless. Hope this gets fixed soon!!!!!

  4. For the record, rm -r will only delete all the files on the machine if you are in the very top directory (/) and if you have logged in as the root user or used the sudo command to give yourself root privileges. Usually all you can do is delete your own user's files (which would still suck, of course!). One more reason to make regular backups. :)

    ~ a different anonymous

  5. There is a wiki up for Leopard bugs. Feel free to add any you find.

  6. Shadowfax, if the real Shadowfax was as dumb as you Sauron would still be ruling Middle Earth.

  7. Anon 9:12,

    Didn't you hear? Frodo Failed. Bush has The Ring.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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