15 October 2007

I'm Left Brained

Or at least I am according to one of the freakiest optical illusions I have ever come across.

I wouldn't have believed it if my wife hadn't stood over my shoulder and seen the exact opposite thing I did.


  1. According to this, I'm right brained. Which is funny because of the traits listed, I'm definitely more left-brained. I can't seem to see the woman turning the other way, though.

    Way bizarre.

  2. WHOA!! I'm right brained. But then I looked back and saw the picture change direction.


  3. Right-brained, again and again. No shocker there, however. In fact, the big surprise would be to learn I even had a left hemisphere to begin with. Guess who never gets asked for help with algebra?

  4. Note: I consider myself left-brained.

    I'm with guitar girl, I looked at the dancer and she was going clockwise, then I read the text and looked back and she was going counter-clockwise.

    Cognitive dissonance at work? I can't get her to go clockwise again...

  5. I saw it as counter-clockwise, then changed it to clockwise before reading the test. I switched it back and forth several times pretty easily.

  6. I made it go clockwise for a grand total of 1 spin or so; otherwise, all counter-clockwise all the time no matter how hard I try.

    I would imagine most liberals would be right-brained as the article says right brainers are "fantasy-based" and "use feelings" while left-brainers are "reality-based". Hehe.

  7. If you look at it long enough it changes direction on it's own. If I counted correctly that would be about every 23 revolutions.

  8. I saw it both ways as well. If I looked away and then back it switched. Are you sure this is a real test?
    If it is I am a full brained person....:)

    pre-med peg

  9. It went both ways for me tons of time. All I had to do was to look down then look up again and it would change.

    So what does that make me? A both-brained?

  10. I perceived the rotation as clockwise, then counter clockwise after looking away. I am not sure that this test works. How it is supposed to work?

  11. Absolutely clockwise. The girl's right arm and leg are up in the air spinning, and any of you who say otherwise are cracked. No amount of unblinking staring (or celebratory libations, for that matter) could make her spin anti-clockwise.

  12. Its easier to make her spin the other way if you focus on her foot and tell yourself its spinning the other way. The rest of her will follow.

    But broad attributes like creativity lateralize to both sides of the brain so the popular left right brain dominance is bs.

    The discordant results in this post bear this out.

    Why do people still believe in BS when there own eyes are telling them different? Believe in yourselves and think for yourselves.

  13. This is the first time I've visited your blog. Congratulations to you on your addition to Medpage.

    This was an interesting test. I could easily switch from one to the other. It was fun to see how others did. Again, Congratulations to you.


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