25 October 2007

Apple Rocks

Leopard comes out tomorrow. I haven't had this much anticipation for a new operating system since OS X itself. It looks phenomenal. Time Machine itself is worth the $129 price. The NY Times inestimable David Pogue (author of the Missing Manual series) has a two-part rundown on some of the new features here and here. And the eye-candy is, as always, spectacular. For example:And:(Just to be complete, Google Finance also rocks.)


  1. YAY!! My one-on-one appt is this Sunday.

    Seeing as my hard drive crashed two weeks ago, I can't WAIT for Time Machine!

  2. Reports today are about significant installation problems. Some solutions are getting published on the Apple support boards.

    I have 4 Macs; I think I'll wait to buy my 5-license pack for another month or two.


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