29 September 2007

It's getting chilly in Hell

Not frozen over, but nippy with a light frost.
The Chicago Cubs are NL Central Champs!

Now if only we can get over that damn goat!And Steve Bartman!It's only been 99 years since our last World Series Championship...


  1. This reminds me of a joke told down here in Georgia when the Falcons were actually good.

    There was a man from Georgia who went to hell. The demons came over to Satan and told him that they were having trouble with this guy. "He just works without complaining. In fact, he is whistling cheerfully."

    "Just turn up the heat." Said Satan.

    After doing so, the man was still whistling happily. Satan went over to him and asked him what was up.

    "I'm from Georgia. I am used to the heat."

    "Well, if he loves the heat, then let's give him the opposite" suggested Satan to one of the demons. So the demon turned the temperature of Hell to icy coldness.

    With this the man started jumping up and down and cheering wildly.

    "What in hell are you doing?"

    The man didn't answer, he just kept saying the same thing over and over:

    "The Falcons are in the Super Bowl! The Falcons are in the Super Bowl!"

  2. Hey, I was at the game, lots of fun. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more blue than red in the stands, and chants of "Let's go Cubbies, Let's go!"

  3. Go Cubbies!!!

    Woot! Woot!

  4. Go Cubbies, Go!!


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