06 September 2007

Gone Fishin' Fishin'

Apparently I actually am going fishing.

I haven't held a fishing pole in my hands since I was about half the age I am now (maybe longer). But First-Born Son wishes to go fishing, and it would take a harder man than I to ignore the pleas of a five-year-old boy who wants to go fishing with his Dad.

So I got some tackle, and tried to remember how it all goes together, and we're off to beautiful Lake Crescent, WA, for a few days of canoing, fishing, and general relaxation. I hear they have great trout, but alas, it's all catch and release there. Which saddens me not at all, because gutting a fish is really not something I anticipate with pleasure.

See you all Monday!


  1. Sounds like fun. I need to take mine but I need to figure out how to do that without the four year old hooking the six year old...

  2. You're gonna' love it! Bass fishing rules however.

  3. Sounds great. The sort of thing I hope that I will do as a father some day... although it will be sly fishing on a river in Montana most likely! :)


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