06 July 2007


From Swampland:

* 45% favor "the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush;" 46% oppose.
* 54% favor "US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney;" 40% oppose.

For context:
Aug-Sept 1998 (Before Impeachment)
* Average support for impeachment and removal (10 polls): 26%
* Average support for hearings (6 polls): 36%
Damn. I new he was unpopular (26% approval at most recent) and I knew he was polarizing, but holy smokes, this is remarkable.


  1. 26%? I am surprised that he still has the shiny new Democratic Congress beat, and with a 12% margin.

    I wish we had thieves, burglars, and murderers for representatives, senators, executive branch officials and the like. We might hope, then, that they would at least see no need for that sanctimonious dissembling about wanting the best for America.

    What, me disillusioned?

    Felix Kasza.

  2. A related statistic:

    Appox. 50% of people are below average.

    Do these polls automatically exclude people who have no idea what the word "impeachment" means?

  3. Congress has a low approval rating because they are failing to effectively oppose Bush.

    Bush has a low approval rating because of what he does and stands for. (Indeed, the most recent dip is probably based on the only good policy he has proposed, immigration reform.)

    So, the point is Congress needs to impeach him. I do in know what that means.

    BTW, the only thing preventing the Congress from doing its job is the President and the Republicans. The Congress is only failing to the extent it is not overriding vetos and defeat the Republicans in Congress.

  4. Jimii,

    apparently you have misses the debates on transparency for earmarks. Or rather, the lack of any such debates, despite all the campaign promises we heard before the elections.

    Mark Twain got it right: "[...] There is no native criminal class except Congress."


  5. Felix,

    Really? Transparent earmarks? Okay, they haven't done everything they promised.

    So, do you consider yourself a conservative who is taking shots at a pretty minor plank in the large anti-corruption platform, which was much dwarfed by the anti-war platform, or a liberal who turns on his party as soon as they take office, or (and my favorite) neither, so you can always be right and just crap on everyone in public office?

    earmarks. what color did they promise to make the drapes?

  6. Hi Jimii,

    Conservative. I regret that I am prone to "crap on everyone in public office", as you put it; I do not have the discipline you would require of me, it seems, and cannot bear to shut up just so "my guys" will win.

    Oh, and if it seems as if I "crap[ped] on everyone", that is because I have yet to encounter the politician that doesn't deserve it.


  7. Felix,

    Sorry if the spitefulness went over the top. I happen to back a position and it makes me frustrated to run into people who are always opposed to people trying to do something.

    Of course, if they are all corrupt, and that is the prevailing assumptions, being opposed to everyone trying to do something is a respectable position.


    P.S. To be fair, since you identified yourself as a conservative, my preloaded reply was to accuse you of "taking shots at a pretty minor plank in the large anti-corruption platform, which was much dwarfed by the anti-war platform."


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