06 July 2007

Praise from Caesar

The Unit Supervisor just came to me in the ED and took me aside. She is a somewhat crusty lady, thoroughly professional but no-nonsense, the sort who takes shit from nobody and is not above, when required, telling an ER doctor exactly what he can go do to themself.

"I don't get a chance to say things like this very often so pay attention. I had three of my very best nurses ask me this morning, if they could be assigned to this area because they heard you would be staffing it." She paused. "So I guess you must be doing something right."

Praise from Caesar . . . is praise indeed.


topher said...

that's awesome. congratulations.

RugbyGirlMD said...


Nursing supervisors are not known for their generosity of praise.

Well done

Josh Gentry said...


Nurse K, Generic ER Nurse said...

You said somewhere else that you were a "fast doctor." That's a bajillion points in your favor. If you're both fast and not a total dick, you'll have nurses bribing each other to work on the side you're working.