29 July 2007

Sunday Morning Snark

Jesus' General riffs on Bush's new national health policy.


  1. A heads up and a question:

    You screwed up the link to Jesus General. You have an extra “http://”

    Are you really naive enough to believe the SCHIP bill is about children?

  2. Thanks. Fixed.

    And, no, it certainly is more far-reaching. However, it says volumes about this president that for six years he never met a spending bill he didn't like, but now that the other party is on office he's willing to block bills like this on the pretext of 'fiscal responsibility.'

  3. I think his real agenda involves preventing the metastasis of government-run health care.

    He is, of course, often wrong. But (in my not-so-humble opinion) he's got this one right.

  4. What a load of crap. The man who signed a trillion-dollar Rx benefit entitlement suddenly gets religion for a (comparatively) tiny expansion of healthcare for the poor and vulnerable?

    Yeah, I know that's his *pretext* for opposing SCHIP expansion. But really, it's crass politics. he wants to deny the democrats any legislative accomplishments so the GOP can run against a 'failed' or 'do-nothing' dem congress in 2008. That's been their open strategy for a while now. I'm OK with that -- I mean, it's pretty shitty to play chicken with children's healthcare, but that's politics.

    But don't pretend there's anything more to it - any principle or anything noble.


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