05 July 2007

Least Emergent Chief Complaint of the day


I shit you not.

Ten patients into the shift and not a single one of them "needed" to be in the ER. Foot pain x 3 months. Chronic neck pain (no significant changes -- just got scared). Homeless & got nowhere to go. Ingrown fingernail. Etc.

Sigh. It's going to be a long day.


  1. I live with someone who went to the ER 13 or 14 times one year because of "chest pain." Every single time, the nice doctors explained he was having an anxiety attack and they didn't really have the treatment he needed.

    He recently had his blood sugar tested because he thought his fatigue was from diabetes. Turns out, his blood sugar is fine and his fatigue may be related to spending every waking moment either at work or lying on the couch.

    I'll let him know that if he has any more bouts with insomnia he should head on down to the ER.

  2. Jim,

    You are a gem.


  3. The House Whisperer7/05/2007 6:19 PM

    I especially like the insomnia complaint at 3am. My thought: "Yeah, I'm sleeping great too, bozo."

    I once had a patient ask for something like crank, because every time he stopped crank, he got a headache. I curbsided the psychiatrist, who quipped, "No, crank will be fine."


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