24 July 2007

Every Breath Hurts

I'm a dangerous man. Mostly, I am dangerous to myself. I was at Karate yesterday and working with a partner on some grappling drills. As instructed, my partner (a pediatrician, of all things) took me to the ground, hard. I was quite ready to go down, and as I slammed to the mat, face first, I put a hand down, to break the fall. Unfortunately, I was going to ground so fast that I was not able to get my hand out of the way before my torso crashed down on top of it. The right side of my chest landed with my full weight on top of my closed fist.

I am pretty sure that I have one or maybe two fractured ribs ($239 each, right?) and every time I breathe, cough, or sneeze, I get a new education in the meaning of pain.

Also, somewhat later, I managed to smack myself in the head with my nitan bo. Sheesh. I really shouldn't be allowed outside the house unsupervised....


  1. The House Whisperer7/25/2007 7:10 AM


  2. I think I also broke a rib or two trying to disprove that F=ma equation against a larger buddy a few years ago. I didn't get an x-ray either, but it made for an annoying few weeks.

    I hope it isn't the side you like to sleep on. Yowch.

  3. so the guy threw you on purpose?

    chest pain/no accident

  4. Pediatricians are just vicious!

  5. SF - Sorry you have some bruised ribs. Next time I throw you down I'll remind you first to fall properly. And, hey, at least we had the mats on the floor!

    Dr. J - come and say that to my face, please! :)

  6. i once saw someone put his hand down to break a fall when he was thrown in taekwondo... not only did he break his fall, he also broke his wrist. oddly, in my five years of taekwondo, i never got anything worse than a sore nose. it wasn't until i started playing the non-contact sport of ultimate that i started getting hurt.

    sorry you're hurtin'.

  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    And allow me to advise against sparring with paediatricians. They are used to wrestling down wiggling, squirming, actively hostile people.

    So what does one do for a fractured rib? Do they still employ these tight sort-of bandages, on the principle that a patient prevented from breathing will not notice minor discomfort from a fracture?


  8. Hee. I'm sorry you're hurting. But...the post...I can't resist a couple giggles.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I added you to my blogroll, if that's okay. (http://miranda5.wordpress.com)

  9. Ironically, the same day you did this, my father-in-law (a semi-retired orthopedic surgeon) fell off a mule in the high sierras of yosemite and broke and displaced four ribs. Though he finished off the day he had to be choppered out the next morning (to the delight of a visiting film crew - oh the mortification). From his apparent pain, I must say that rib injuries must be agonizing. Good luck feeling better asap :).

  10. felix...

    pain meds and time; if you're old and already don't breathe well, possibly admission for a rib block, etc

    No more "wrapping." The problem with it (and rib fractures themselves) is that you don't take deep breaths, your small airways don't open, nasty stuff gets trapped, you get pneumonia, etc etc...


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