30 July 2007

Back-up cameras

We recently ordered a new vehicle, a mini-van/SUV crossover, and though it was an expensive option, we ordered the rear-view/back-up camera.

This is why.


  1. Tragic.

    Back-up cameras need to be standard, not a option.

  2. I had one on my last car, and having it on the next (my current) car wasn't an option, it was mandatory.

    Once you use it about 10 times you'll wonder why trying to back up while twisted like a pretzel is still the standard.


  3. Good for you! They only market these on luxury cars, but they really are not expensive for manufacturers to put in to any car pre-market. I think I read it was around $100. Seatbelts are standard, so should these be... especially with the blind spot growing larger and larger on cars these days. So sad.

    There was a senator last month (Wisconsin maybe?) who backed over his young grandson in a similar situation. Terrible that it takes it happening to a public figure to drive things, but perhaps it will be the start of a change in attitude - less towards luxury, more towards safety equipment.

  4. Word of caution is blind reliance of these cameras - field of view is limited . . . smaller children hiding at the bumper, or under it, will not be visible. Better to actually map out the field of view on the ground so you will know your limits of observation.

  5. If NOT subject to restrictions, while all

    children are in the vehicle back it into

    place. Then when leaving no backing is



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