21 March 2007

Things that make me laugh

Wonkette's LiveBlogging of Bush's Presser yesterday.

I think the guest blogger is none other than our trusty Comics Curmudgeon.

Stupid and silly, woo hoo!


  1. What is the big deal? Billie fired all 93 IG's. Bushie and Gonzalez only fired 8.

  2. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and everyone else switches out US Att'ys when they take office. They come with the administration.

    George W fired attorneys who did not use their office as a prosecutor to do is political bidding. Some investigated Republicans and other refused to or too slowly investigated Democrats.

    The big deal is that George W Bush is setting records for the most anti-American administration in U.S. History. Jefferson Davis has nothing on George W Bush when it comes to destroying the United States.

    The man swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States yet he will spy on citizens without warrants, use prosecutions to forward political agendas, lie to start wars, and hold people indefinitely without due process.

    There could be no bigger deal. Thousands of people are dead and the constitution has been so trampled that some Americans think it is okay to manipulate federal prosecutors to forward a political agenda.


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