27 March 2007

Hail and Farewell

I finally got up the time to update my blogroll. It's amazing what a little enforced bedrest will do for one's ability to catch up on petty postponed organizational tasks. And it was either do this or try to clean out my email mailbox, and I just can't face that.

So you will now see more relevant and better sorted links over there to the right. I haven't spent a lot of time yet getting to know some of the new ones but I look forward to doing so.

Also, I wanted to bid a very fond farewell to Barbados Butterfly. She is an Australian surgeon with a biting wit and beautifully intimate writing whose hospital administration took offense at her blogging and thus her blog is no longer available. I hear she is doing well and I am glad for that. I do hope she can come back to blogging at a more opportune time because she has a beautiful voice.

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