07 March 2007

Graphic-arts ode to the drug seeker

Courtesy of today's Seattle Times:(Link)
I opened the comics page and thought I was going mad . . . a hydrocodone joke? Really? No foolin’?

I’m not sure whether to be appalled or delighted.

Strangest damn thing I’ve ever seen on the comics page, including the collected works of Bil Keane.


  1. Heh.

    Funny enough, I suppose.

    But I'm with you--odd to find in your funny paper.


  2. Ha!The fact that it was in the comic section is funnier than the strip itself.

    I hope it is alright with you that I put this in my blog.

    P.S. I can see that one getting pinned up on the bulletin boards! :)

  3. I really do hope it is alright that I am using this - but it speaks to me and I want to write about it. PLUS it is just darn funny. Although I admit, i must be somewhat jaded because i immediately look at the guy as a drug seeker and yet if he just pulled his back (is not a drug seeker) then still ANYTHING that can alleviate one's pain is priceless.

    Hmmmm...how do you think the author of this meant this?

  4. SeaSpray,

    It's always OK to link to my blog or to republish stuff that I've put up (though blog-etiquette requires credit and a link).

    I would presume this is just a personal experience the artist had and in his drug-befuddled haze thought was a) funny and b) appropriate for the comics pages.

    Like you, I am cynical enough to leap immediately to the "drug-seeker" suspicion. Which I presume will cause me to be inundated by annoyed commenters who suffer from chronic or recurrent back pain. Oh well.

  5. Look, this is clearly a case of the strip author having had that exact experience, right down to the LL Bean slippers.


  6. Thanks Shadowfax - I just finished a post on that as I have had that drug all year - so I am familiar with both sides and hope that came across in my post. :)

  7. Does anyone give refills on hydrocodone? I never have that I can recall.

  8. That's what I thought I had, but I just checked mine was the generic for Percocet (oxycodone) that was refilled.

  9. Schedule 2 drugs like Percocetcan't be refilled. They must be represcribed.

  10. Oops! My mistake. You are right Scalpel. I just "think" of it as refilled. My doctor is very careful about this (monitors everything)and requests that prescriptions be brought into the office (at certain times) and he documents. There have been times when I needed a refill in between visits and YES - I DID have to go to the office to pick the script up because as you said they aren't given as refills and they can't call it in or fax it either. In my mind tho, they were refills. My stent toleration mix consisted of percocet-generic) Pyridium and Detrol La or I could not have done the ureteral stent thing.

  11. Shadowdax - thanks again for being gracious about me using the comic strip that you are using for my post. I did give you and the Seattle Times credit and you are on my sidebar blogroll, but I don't yet know how to create the link to your post from my post kind of thing.

    I didn't realize that I had so much to say about drugs but I guess I did because have seen all sides of it. The drug seekers that came to the hospital for chronic conditions or not and then my own use of them this year because of a med condition and then an even deeper understanding from the perspective of having excruciating daily pain. Thank God the worst of mine was only for a week. I do not know how the people with the serious, chronic and totally debilitating pain do it. If you have your health, you do have everything and what you still want - at least you are healthy and strong enough to work for it and go get it.

  12. Oh come on now, I think we can all appreciate where the artist is coming from. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a good hydrocodone or two? ;-)

  13. Annoyed Commentator with Chronic Back Pain3/09/2007 2:35 PM

    The comic clearly shows the guy injuring his back, and you think "drug-seeker" right away? Must be the high rate of narcotics abuse among cartoon characters

  14. I am sorry. I saw what I saw and later saw it differently. 20 yrs working in ED registration jaded me a little - which surprised me, actually. If you read my recent post, you will see that I appreciate all sides of it.

    Either way it was a great comic strip! :)

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