11 March 2007

Faux News

This is pretty funny. A long list of Fox's "Fair and Balanced" reporting, in their own words.


  1. The local FoxNews was on the other day. It was amazing how horrible and slanted it was. They even put the text up of a comment from Harry Reid. It misquoted him as saying "Democrat Candidates," when he was saying Democratic Candidates in the audio beyond it.

    I honestly don't know how we are supposed to survive with some segment of our population thinking the propoganda wing of the Republican Party is a news station.

    It is also amazing how there is absolutley nothing similar on the left. I suppose Air America. But not if you listen to the way they destroy Hillary. Even Jon Stewart is blasting away. The liberal media is already blaming the Democratic Congress for failing to literally bring about world peace in their few months in office.

  2. I've been taking journalism classes at my local community college, and my teacher holds up FOX News as an example of "what not to do" in a newsroom.

    Fair and Balanced, yeah, whatever.


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