10 March 2007

Beer Brackets

Damn. I just missed this somehow. The Washington Post is running a beer competition, aptly named the "Brewhaha," wherein they compare 32 national and local beers and select a national champion. I see that my personal favorite beer, Anchor Steam, has thus far made it through to the round of sixteen. Somehow Budweiser is still in the running, though, which makes me wonder about the quality of their taste-testers.

I am also pleased to see my local favorite, Red Hook, still in the running. I have tried, I think, 22 of the 32 entrants. (Pabst Blue Ribbon is still being brewed? Who knew?)

Get over there and vote for your favorites!


  1. Damn! Thanks for the tip... A very important bracket, indeed!

  2. Awesome list, I'm always looking for my new favorite beer.

    I live in Shiner Bock country, it's a solid lager and has an extremely loyal local following. It'll be interesting to see how it does.

  3. I'm a Mirror Pond fan...but I have no idea where I could get that...it being an Oregon creation and I live no where near Oregon.

    And of course PBR is still around!


  4. Hmmm, Sam Adams and Anchor Steam. That would be quite a final. I've only had the pleasure of trying Anchor Steam a few times, when I've been working at UCSF. I thought it was coming up to Canada at one time, but I haven't seen it yet.

  5. Dear Dr. Shadowfax,

    while it is quite obvious that your choices in politics are confused, I must commend you on your taste in beers. You are a man of distinction!

    Cheers --


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