25 February 2007

St Baldrick's Day

My close personal friend Matt Dick (yes, that's his real name, and no jokes, please, he's heard them all, and they're really not all that funny) will be shaving his head on St Patrick's day as a fund-raiser for children's cancer research.

For Matt, as well as myself and all of our friends and family, this is a personally charged campaign. Our close friends have a very brave little boy, Nathan, age six, who has been fighting a deadly type of cancer, neuroblastoma, for almost four years.
The sad news is that Nathan has relapsed and is facing a tough fight. The good news is that he is feeling well and going to school and really enjoying life right now. Nathan has undergone a number of experimental treatments for his cancer, some of which may have helped slow the progression of his disease. Programs like St Baldrick's provide vital financial support to these experimental trials. So get yourself on over to Matt's page and cough up a couple of bucks to support kids' cancer research. Even small amounts like $10 or $20 are greatly appreciated. Also, you can see Matt's photo on his page. He's a funny-looking guy. Help make him even funnier-looking by paying to get him bald.

Also, pay a visit to Nathan's page and send him and his family some love.


  1. Good vibes/prayers your direction for little Nathan.

  2. Thanks, you've done a good thing to get the word out.

  3. Andrea Dickson3/08/2007 2:23 PM

    That's incredibly sweet. I'd shave my head, too, if it wasn't so horribly misshapen. I'll just go ahead and donate some cash, yes?

    My last name is Dickson, so I feel Matt's pain.

  4. Good for you Andrea. Thanks!

    Maybe next year I will shave my head.



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