27 February 2007

I'm a Lazy Man

So help me out, folks. I really ought to update my blogroll, but I bounce around too much in the blogosphere and follow interesting links without bothering to bookmark many worthy sites. So I know there are a ton of great sites I have perused from time to time and I would like you to help me get back to them.

So here's what I am asking: in the comments, give me the links for any Emergency Medicine-themed blog that you know of. I'm particularly interested in the ER Docs' blogs, because, you know, that's what I am. And I'm a self-absorbed jerk. No seriously, any EM-themed blog is what I am looking for, and when I get around to it (sometime around the time the ocean levels rise and swallow New York) I will get them all organized and in the blogroll.

Here's my starting list:

The A-Team
GruntDoc (aka the irascible Texan)
The inimitable Kim at Emergiblog

Blogs I have more recently come across
Gardner's Gate (ACEP Board Member)
Healthline's Straight Talk from the ER
March of the Platypi
Panda Bear, MD
Hallway Four
The KnifeMan

People who I wish posted more
Doc Around the Clock

Glorfindel of Gondolin (Great name)
The Budding Emergencist
DocShazam! (a name which really demands to be followed by an exclamation mark)
Is there a Doctor in the House?

OK, that's it for the docs (and Kim). Let's hear about the great Emergency-themed blogs you all read.



  1. It seems odd to me that there aren't more of us doing this. I've got a couple in my blogroll that you missed, notably ERnursey and ImpactED Nurse (both outstanding btw). And Hannah (who has commented here) has a new blog as well.

  2. Irascible is the nicest thing anyone has called me in days...

    Nick's site: Blogborygmi

    Bloodletting (ED resident: Texan banished to the Great White North)

    Madness: Tales of an ER nurse

    Tales from the ER and beyond:


  3. Hopefully Symtym will start blogging more now that the law exam is done.

  4. What about all the prehospital folks who bring you patients? There are a lot of good EMS blogs out there.

    A few of my favorites:

    Street Watch

    Random Acts of Reality


    EMS Haiku

    ... and, o'course, my own humble Drug-Induced Hallucations

    EMS Haiku and myself are both relatively local -- one state south of you, I believe.

  5. http://nursewilliam.blogspot.com/ ER nurse

    http://www.neenaw.co.uk/ dispatcher in the UK

    http://protecttheairway.com/ another er nurse

    Um...I actually have a of links saved somewhere. I think I prefer ED/EMS blogs because the dark humour meshes well with me. :O

  6. Dr. Susan is good, if you're open to veterinary emergency medicine.

    Or you can check out my blog - I may be a student, but I've worked in veterinary emergency medicine for 11 years.

  7. Healthline's Straight Talk from the ER will be transitioning to "Straight Talk from the Stanford ER" - several people from the ER staff (nurses, physicians, and attendings) will be contributing to the blog and relaying their experiences. I think it will make for an interesting perspective.

  8. Hi I'm an ER doc with a new blog.

    Initially discovered Hallway Four awhile ago, and thru her have found you, Scalpel, Grunt, Charity, Panda, MDOD, etc.

    Your blogs are all so good! I'm still searching for my style/voice. I'm not the grizzled vet that you and most the others are, finished my residency less than a year ago so I have a little different perspective.

    Ten out of Ten

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