21 January 2007

Winning Ugly

Grossman had a passer rating of 73, but threw no interceptions and made the big plays when it counted. I think the MVP for the Bears might just be Reggie Bush, who taunted linebacker Brian Urlacher before back-flipping into the end zone on an 88-yard reception.

The Saints never scored again.


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  2. I actually don't think it was that ugly. The Bears *dominated* three out of four of the quarters. They not only one what traditional wisdom says you need, 2 out of 3 facets of the game, but they won all 3 (offense, defense, and special teams). That wasn't too ugly. There were ugly moments, but that was a dominating performance and we as fans shouldn't let all of the negatives that media and other non-Bears fans have been shoving down our throats color our opinion of the team and that performance.


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