16 January 2007

Thoughts from Big White

The Big White ski resort is located in British Columbia, near Lake Okanogan, about 20 miles from Kelowna.

Canada, some of the readers of this blog may be aware, is located directly to the north of the United States.

In this part of the world, the further north you are, the lower the ambient temperatures tend to be.

Today's skiing was as cold as I can recall ever being (and I grew up in Chicago and rural Illinois). The temperature was in the single digits and the modest wind made it feel substantially colder. Add in the relative wind from the motion of skiing or riding the lift and, despite several layers, glove liners and hand warmers, I was perilously close to frostbite.

Do not think I complain, gentle readers, for I do not. Because this wintry chill was accompanied by a gentle yet persistent fall of feathery-light powdery snow, with several inches accumulating over the course of the afternoon, and more falling outside my window as I type this. I have said it before, and I will say it again -- Happiness is the sound of fresh powder hissing over the front of your skis.


  1. the high at snoqualmie on Monday was 15, but it was significantly colder than that much of the day. although there was not much fresh snow, that which there was, was light and fluffy and really dry.

    last year in Wisconsin, I skied when it was -17. I am NEVER doing that again. it was brutal.

    ski a run or two for those of us stuck at work while you play in the powder, please!

  2. If if makes you feel any better, it was about 15 degrees in Chicago today, but lower with the wind.

  3. You make snow sound like something found in heaven. Don't break a leg while you're having fun.


  4. You haven't lived until you've endured -38 with an uphill wind of 30mph in Stowe.


    Made 6 runs before they puled me from the lift line - frostbit nose.

  5. docwhisperer1/18/2007 4:13 PM

    Sorry to go off topic, but have been searching your blog for a post on the firing of ER docs who are non ER-trained or ABEM certified. I would appreciate your take on this increasingly frequent occurrence. See post ("Disposable Doctors") on my blog www.docwhisperer.wordpress.com
    Thanks and the snow sounds wonderful.


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