11 January 2007

Olberman Erupts

What he said.


  1. I love Keith's "eruptions." He speaks for many of us who feel we've had no voice.
    Hey Mr. ER man, I got 4 stitches in my left earlobe. A kitten tried to butterfly it for me. They are darling, not the kitten, the 4 little knots. Oh and yes, I got a tetanus shot.

  2. Did someone say Murrow?

  3. Ahh, if only we lived in a rational world where people were capable of getting over their psychological hang ups (or at least taking personal responsibility for them) and seeing reality for what is is and irrationality and insanity for what it is, everybody in the press, EVERYBODY, would be talking like Olbermann...

    But as it is, the ONE person mainstream media has been able to find with this level of rationality and intelligence spent the last 20 years..... covering sports. (nothing against covering sports)

    The ironic thing is, if all we had for reporters and anchors and editors were people who were this honest with themselves and their audiences, we would never get to the point where this level of outrage was needed... because nothing like Iraq would ever even begin to pass the first ten seconds of the proverbial laugh test.


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