19 January 2007

Home (sigh)

You may not be able to tell, but the above picture is of fresh powder hissing over the tips of my skis. I nearly killed myself getting this picture. Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your own skis while powder skiing? And it doesn't really even look like anything interesting. Not that I am bitter. Oh, conditions were great:
Yes, perhaps a little gray, but you can see how much snow there was (that is The Darling Wife in the distant center of this photo, by the way.)

We also learned an important lesson at the US border. You do NOT admit that you have any fruits or vegetables unless you wish to have your car searched (really) and your contraband confiscated -- in our case, some illicit Chilean grapes and the leftover, frozen hamburger helper. Never mind that both the grapes and the beef had been purchased in the US initially. They were going to confiscate our apples as well, but they had "Product of WA, USA" stickers on them which was enough to convince the Customs agent that they were permissible. Actually, I have to compliment the nice folks at the Lynden Customs office; they were pleasant and quick, nice to my kids, and seemed to appreciate the absurdity of the situation. They also didn't cite me for violating the law on importing Canadian Mad Cow Beef, which was nice of them.

Next time the groceries will be well hidden and I will deny their very existence.

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