14 January 2007

Divided Loyalties

I am a huge Bears fan. I have been a Bears fan since growing up in Chicago in the early eighties (a good time to be a Bears fan). I was fortunate enough to marry a woman who shares my passion for the Bears. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, we have also become boosters of the hometown team, the Seahawks.

So watching the Bears and Hawks play today is a painful experience. Not that I have any doubt over who I am rooting for -- the Bears all the way. But it is torture. I want to be glad when the Seahawks do well, when Alexander rips off a great second effort for a first down, when they score to take the lead in the third quarter. And I feel bad when things go poorly for them. But I want the Bears to win so badly.

And of course, I share the premonition of doom that all longtime Chicago fans suffer from.



  1. HOW 'bout dem Bears!

    A share your trepidation regarding next week, but let's enjoy this one now! Whew that was close!

  2. I'm a Hawks fan first and foremost, but having spent the last several years in Packerland, surrounded by rabid Pack fans, I became a closet Bears fan as well. So I share your divided loyalties but lean the opposite direction. (I'm the same way with the Mariners and the Cubs).

    For those of us torn about which team to cheer for, at least it wasn't a total blowout. I can find some small consolation in that.


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