08 November 2006

What a great day

The following things have happened in the last 24 hours:

I ordered a new computer
The Democrats took the House
The Democrats took six State Houses
The Democrats took the Senate (apparently)
The Democrats took ten state legislatures and over 275 seats nationwide
The Republicans won not a single pick-up
I found my car keys that had been missing for three weeks
I no longer have to hear the names Santorum, Rumsfeld, Romney, Frist, Harris, or Burns (excepting C Montgomery Burns)

Rumsfeld getting shit-canned is literally icing on the cake.

What a great day. One for the books.

Update: Hysterical Mac Geek joke re: Rummy


  1. It was indeed a great day. My boss bought the entire lab (~30 of us) pizza in honor of the outcome of the elections.

    The only truly bad news in the elections that I've heard is that Wisconsin voted to ammend their constitution so that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. It also nixes civil unions between any couple. I thought the Wisconsinites had more class than that. I was wrong.

    I got a MacBook (alas, not a MacBook Pro) for work about two weeks ago. It's super.

  2. Also got a MacBook for over a month. Never regret of buying one.
    believe that you should lead a happy life with your new Macbook Pro!

  3. Somehow I KNEW you were a Mac Dude!

    The House AND the Senate. Can you believe it?

  4. so what'cha doin with the old power book? hint hint

  5. Siobhan, I think it's going to that great lapbook farm in the sky. Alas, the old powerbook has been dropped one or three too many times. When I rest my hand on the casing while typing, it goes to sleep or freezes up. Sometimes when I hit the spacebar or any key on the right side of the keyboard, it goes to sleep or freezes.

    It's basically dead or dying. Five years it lasted me, and lots of abuse. No complaints.


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