14 November 2006

Universal healthcare?

Kevin Drum has an amusing take on the insurance industry's proposal for Universal Healthcare. Money quote:

Let me get this straight. The private insurance industry favors a government program that would purchase more private insurance for people, but is opposed to anything that would drive down the cost of insurance or guarantee coverage for people the insurance industry doesn't want to cover. That's quite a plan. Why not just ask for grocery sacks full of unmarked bills instead?
As an ER doc, I'm willing to go along with most anything that would get those 46 million Americans covered. As a taxpayer, I am reasonably sure there is a better, cheaper way to do it.

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  1. The big three automakers would appreciate a little healthcare love from their country the way Japan gives it up to Toyota et. al. Can we convince Bush that Healthcare subsidizes a big business expenditure? Sounds like a winning strategy to me.


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