06 November 2006

A Matter of Perspective

I took a continuing education class, PALS -- Pediatric Advanced Life Support -- this weekend. A nice refresher, since I don't get to take care of critically ill kids too often (fortunately). We were split into small groups for simulated cases on SimKids. In my group were about 3 pediatricians and 4 peds nurses. I was the only provider who sees more adults than kids.

When it was my turn to run the "mega-code," my preceptor took me through a simulated cardiac arrest that involved just about every nasty twist he could think of. In the end, he concluded by saying, "Good job. You saved his life."

Without thinking, I responded, "We don't really save lives. We just prolong them."

Laughing, he instructed the rest of the class "Oh, don't pay any attention to the cynical old ER doctor!"

Who, me?


Mother Jones RN said...

I just found your blog. I really like it, and I'm adding you to my blogroll.


Dana said...

I dunno... I think when it comes to cynicism, I've met your match in ID docs. But it's a close tie between ED and ID. :0)

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