27 September 2006

Things which have irritated me today:

  • I arrived at work to find that we are short three nurses, leaving me two nurses to cover an 18-bed ED.
  • We are out of patient chart templates and nobody knows how to order them, so I have to take notes on blank paper.
  • Despite being short-staffed, a steady stream of ambulance traffic arrives. (Didn't they get the memo?)
  • The computers are on the fritz.
  • I got chewed out by an irascible consultant.
I have been at work one hour.



  1. and still you have the time to do blogging!

  2. "irascible consultant"
    Let me guess, going with high probability specialists--urologist or general surgeon?

  3. well, gimme a couple years and I can fill in for your nurses!!

    although that does you no good in the mean time...

  4. I had time to blog because the nurses were not able to move patients in and out for me to see. The rooms were full of patients in holding patterns, and nothing I could do (though I do what I can). So I blog.

    And the consultant was a urologist, who was annoyed that I preferred to have a specialist come stick a needle into a man's genitals rather than do it myself (having never actually done it). I didn't tell him it was even a consideration, but the patient probably would also have been happy I chose not to do it myself.

  5. were you at the high acuity hospital or one of the lesser acuity hospitals?

    also, what a nightmare!

  6. Try being one of those 2 nurses...


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