15 September 2006

A Radical Regime

I've always loved the writings of Sid Blumenthal, the journalist and former advisor to President Clinton. His memoir, The Clinton Wars, is probably the best restrospective on the Starr witch hunt that I have read (Lord but it seems like ancient history now). I still read him from time to time on Salon, the Huffington Post, and TPM Cafe. He's recently been mounting something of a crusade regarding the radicalism of the Bush presidency (here and here and of course his new book), and today has a great bit out today on Bush's character and how it has in many ways defined his presidency. I like it because it really rings true with my own perceptions. Money quote:

But Bush’s temperament is an essential part of the dynamics. His stubbornness, lack of curiosity, shallow reservoir of knowledge, Manichean division of the world, and contempt for “nuance” are parts of a personality that key members of his administration play upon to get their ways. They carefully restrict the flow of information to him and flatter him as a great historical figure misunderstood by the mere mortals of his age. Their constant manipulation of Bush is an important part of the decision-making within the White House.
I don't think I will buy his book, though. I think I would find it depressing and not particularly helpful, and I would rather look forward (optimistically?) to a new congress and a not-too-distant new administration.

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  1. I am personally still enjoy God's Politics (actually, I put it down for a while to wait for my Dad to catch up). I find it very optimistic.


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