04 September 2006


Well, this is a bummer. Sounds like it was a stingray spike to the chest. Funny, I would have thought it would be something more venomous that would get him.

Is a stingray venomous? I don't know.

Even the crocodiles may shed a tear. Rest in Peace, Steve Irwin.


  1. As I understand it (and it comes from network news, so you do the reliability calculations), stingray bites are indeed venomous, but not very. In this case it was likely the physical trauma to the heart, not the venom which killed him. in fact one expert-ish person interviewed said that if the pucture had been a few inches away in basically any direciton he likely would have been badly but not mortally hurt.

    It does seem a shame on some level that he wasn't eaten whole by a giant monitor lizard or something. Not to be crass, but his efforts were really spectacular in the facce of large predators, so it seems, I don't know, petty maybe, that he died in such a way.

  2. It's also a bit of a shame because he had so deliberately and recklessly courted death so very many times, but this was apparently not one of them -- he just surprised a ray he hadn't seen.

    Tragic as his death is, it's sad that he basically died in a wildlife-related accident, rather than dying as he lived -- knowingly teasing a deadly beast.

  3. I saw the headline and I thought, "Stingray?". I mean, what the hell was he doing to the stingray? I didn't think they were real aggressive.

  4. From what I've read, the venom of a stingray is quite deadly. But for a human to die from it means that the venom came directly in contact with a vital organ. The reports are saying that Steve Irwin went into cardiac arrest immediately after the attack, leading to believe that the barb carrying the venom punctured through the chest and hit the heart.

    And stingray attacks are relatively common, but mostly on the feet and legs because someone in the water stepped too close to a stingray and it became frightened.

    All in all, the world has lost an amazing man.


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