15 September 2006

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From Nathan's Guest Book:

Nathan has changed my life forever.
I take a million pictures of my kids.
I read them “just one more” bedtime story when they ask.
I put off watching my favorite show to snuggle them in their beds a little longer.
I take them everywhere so they can experience everything.
I apologize when I have been short with them.
I tell them I still love them even though I’m angry at the moment.
I’ve taught them about death, heaven and God. They are not afraid.
Nathan has taught me that life is too short and too many bad things happen.
He also has taught me to just accept the bad things when they do happen.
There is no time to sulk or think “why me?”
Nathan has taught that I should make the best of every single moment I have on this earth
He has also taught me that good health is nothing to take for granted.
Children are the greatest teachers.

As much as I have learned from Nathan and as much as he has changed my life for the better, I would give it all back if it meant he could stay here on earth with his family.

Stay strong Gentry Family. You are an inspiration to us all.

I couldn't have said it better. You may recall that Nathan is a young boy with Neuroblastoma. He and his parents are in New York looking for new treatments. Send them some love.


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  2. Agree +10
    I can say that the humans forget what is really important and the world it's like this because we teach to our children to be like this, nobody cares about anyone, sad but true, good luck good people, because the evil ones are everywhere.

  3. Yeah +10, it's very sad when you saw children in poverty or suffering some kind of abuse, I wonder if there's a real god, why this happend...


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