04 August 2006

Virtual Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are visiting Seattle, and I was telling First-born Son about them, and showing him photos in the local paper. He thought they looked "very very cool" so I hit Google Video to show him some live footage.

This is what I found:

Amazing. Just amazing. I love the inside-the-cockpit perspective. The level of obsessiveness it must have taken to make this is kind of astounding. The folks responsible are the Virtual Blue Angels, who apparently fly precision aerobatics on PC simulators.

I have totally missed my calling in life. I should have been a fighter pilot.

(NOTE: Video is 16 minutes in length)


  1. Although you wouldn't know me from a hole in the ground, we've met before and I've observed you at work (not a patient, but no I swear I'm also not as creepy as this sounds - I'm pre-med). Anyway, I stumbled into your blog today. First off, I was thoroughly entertained by your ED stories. Second, regarding your trans-Atlantic airline adventures, I've always wondered what the physicians on board think when that call goes out. I've heard it all too many times, although never on anything longer than a 2000 mile flight. But ALWAYS in the middle of the night. One time, the patient was sitting right next to me. There was no physician on that flight, or at least, none that would own up to it. Knowing what to do in a situation like that is one of the reasons that being an ED MD appeals to me, which I why I find your perspective on it to be valuable. Please keep up the anecdotes!

    PS. I thoroughly enjoyed the video clip. I, like you, enjoy flying (and skiing and martial arts).

  2. Small world. Glad you like the blog.

  3. My brother in law is a fighter pilot. He absolutely loves it. He doesn't drink or do drugs -- I think the adrenaline and the G-rushes are more than enough!

  4. Hi,I enjoyed your blog. My callsign is Skopro and im the original #2 pilot from the VBA. I was just searching through google for anything related to us.Please feel free to visit our forums for updates and upcoming live shows(streamed via livestream).There is a follow-up video to this one you might be interested in,along with us meeting and flying(virtually) with the real Blues in Iowa.


    Podcast from sept 26,2009. It was the full show until our server died.


    The VBA meeting the Real Blue Angels:


    Hope you enjoy it!!

    Tomasz "Skopro" Kumor


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