24 August 2006

Now, that makes me feel old!

We have several new partners starting with us this summer, and have hired a few more for the winter. Most are striaght out of residency, but some of them are older than I am. But they all have a disturbing tendency to address me as "Doctor Shadowfax." Even in informal settings (e.g., Starbucks).

I suppose I can see why -- being the group's president, I have been involved in interviewing, hiring, and orienting the new physicians. So there's a status/respect/fear thing, I guess. I certainly haven't encouraged it, and as we get to know each other better the familiarity will come. But it stll makes me feel old.


  1. wait.. someone respects you??

  2. yeah, showing that kind of respect is a real crime... but i think you're right about why. same reason i address my PI by his title and last name.


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