07 July 2006

Workin' for a livin'

Light blogging these days. I'm in the middle of a stretch of working 14 out of 16 days. Yeah, ouch. Sadly, in all those shifts I haven't even seen any cases interesting enough to blog about. At least none that I remember . . . I'm getting a little slap-happy.

Also, we got Civilization IV. Which is taking up all my free time. So that also is getting in the way of blogging.

Never fear, I'll be back, just as soon as I save Kyoto from Ghandi and his rampaging hordes!


  1. Well, hurry! I feel neglected when someone has not "ticked me off" in a while.

  2. Good luck with the game! :o)

  3. Ghandi is proving problematic to eliminate, isn't he? Crush his warlike spirit quickly!

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