02 July 2006

A Short Life, A Great Love

Luke over at Cancer Dad shares an amazing story about Benny Petz, who recently lost his battle with Neuroblastoma. Thanks to Benny's parents for sharing their intimate story. I can't imagine in the slightest what they went through, and I grieve for them. As Luke said, we should honor their bravery by reading and sharing their story. You can read it at the Arizona Daily Star, but have some Kleenex on hand before you click over. It's a raw emotional tale.

While you're at it, send some positive thoughts to a wonderful little boy who is fighting his own Neuroblastoma. Nathan just turned six and has been living with NB for three years. He is a sweet and loving child. Send him and his amazing family some love.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, doc. It is, truly, a raw emotional hit. The photo of little Benny is heartbreaking. We must never cease to be grateful when our children are healthy. An Alaska-sized bundle of love is headed for Nathan and his family. May he continue to do well.

  2. Wow, I'm not sure how I expected to escape that one with dry eyes! What a wonderful and supportive family, and how brave of them to share such an intensely personal (and agonizing!) time.
    And, of course, many positive thoughts for Nathan and his family.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Shadowfax. I thought it was one of the more honest and accessible accounts I've read. Thanks for your support, and thanks to all that read this post and sent positive thoughts our way.


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