27 June 2006

Rounding at 37,000 Feet - Update

You may recall the fun and excitement on my flight from Athens to New York.

Today I received all the thanks and recognition I was due from a grateful airline, for saving a man's life and saving the good people of Delta Airlines a million dollars.

Words fail me.


  1. Did you send it back "postage due"?

    But really, it is the thought that counts right....?

    I guess they figure with all that MONEY that ALL you doctors make, some Crickles were all you needed. What are Crickles anyway?

  2. Watch this. For background you can check this.

  3. I didn't care about compensation. That first class upgrade would have been nice, but . . . oh well.

    At least they did something. For an airline in bankruptcy, I guess it really is the thought that counts.

  4. ...or a free international ticket for you and a companion to anywhere Delta flies would have been nice too. They do give those away on a regular basis, you know, but apparently not to you! ROFL

    Seriously, this whatever-it-is-you-received is a little on the cheap side. Were those the leftovers from some flight?

  5. That was pretty funny, Luke.

    That dude is messed up.

  6. um. well, I guess they had to do something with all the leftover nuts that would kill other random passengers....


  7. Maybe that's all their "healthcare" budget would allow.

    I wonder what kind of insurance they offer their employees?

  8. Oh, and I'll be flying to Ireland soon, and if they ask "is there a doctor on the plane" and someone stands up, I'll yell at them to negotiate first! LOL!

    And then I'll get up to help them...

    Gee, I'm an ER nurse, should I offer to do something if there is NO doctor on board? I can assess, put in an IV, read a monitor, defib, and push ACLS meds. Oooo, now I'm nervous about flying for another reason.

  9. "Messed up"? I think he is great and highly entertaining...and perhaps a bit messed up, I suppose. I enjoy my three minutes of The Show five days a week. Now if I can just figure out a power move so I can become a member of the League of Awesomeness.

  10. Hey Kim,

    When are you flying to Ireland? I am flying to London in September. However, I wouldn't even be as much use as you! Perhaps if someone went into labor and delivered a preemie.....now that I could probably kinda help with, but how often does that happen?

    Crap...Did I just jinx myself?

    Anywho...I flew Delta a few weeks ago, and they lost my suitcase in Atlanta for over 30 hours. I eventually got it back, but they told me they couldn't even provide a toiletry kit because of bankruptcy. They actually did serve peanuts, however! I was surprised...

    Think I'm taking British Airways to England - I've heard they're one of the few good ones left that actually serve meals on the plane and everything! ;)

    Take care,
    Carrie :)

  11. Kim,

    I've heard about nurses helping out, and an ER nurse might be better than some doctors -- you have that triage instinct. So even if you may not be able to *do* anything, you can assess the patient and tell the pilot:

    a) Land Now
    b) Keep Flying

    Which is really the most important thing anyway.

  12. Flying Gramma6/29/2006 6:58 AM

    "Thanks to your care,your patient's experience was better than mine. While flying on NWA, I suffered a totally debilitating attack of Vertigo. I could't walk, was vomiting, and relatively non-functional. The cabin attenants refused to get near me, and threw some plastic bags into my lap and said "use this to throw up." When the plane landed in La Guardia, they refused to help me off the plane. The attendants said, "We are not trained to do this." My husband made a fuss and the pilot called for a wheel chair. But no one would help me leave the plane. The LGA wheel chair attendant ( a high paying job requiring massive educational experiences) was wonderful. He came onto the plane and helped me stagger off (I am a senior citizen.) and stayed with us until an ambulance (which he called) arrived. NWA did not help with anything. Needless to say, I don't fly NWA any more. Even though Delta was obscenely cheap, please keep in mind that we, the patients, appreciate your efforts. Could you list your future flights, so that I can try to utilize the same flights? Oh, also list the seat assignment, so I can sit nearby.

    Flying Gramma

  13. loved the follow-up - i pointed my readers to you today, because this is just too funny. jenni - chronicbabe.com

  14. When my brother (an internist)was on a British Airways flight on the way home from his honeymoon, he tended to a woman having a heart attack. As a result the plane was able to continue to its destination and the woman's life was saved.

    Unbelievable as this may sound, he was given a gift certificate he could use for duty free purchases on his next flight. Considering he only flew overseas that one time in his life it was pretty worthless.

    Of course it would have been better if they sent him nothing.

    I rationalized it at the time by telling my brother that docs must be low-status in the UK.


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