14 June 2006

Bush and the Sunglasses

Via Crooks & Liars:

Today, at a presser, this exchange happened with Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times:

Bush: You gonna ask your question with shades on?

Wallsten: Yes...

Bush: But there's no sun out here.

Wallsten: It depends on your perspective.

Bush: Touché.

Wallsten is blind...


  1. I got a big chuckle out of this too when I saw it on The Daily Show last night. Susan summed it up well though with something like, "That would be just his luck". Susan is by no means a Bush defender, but it does seem to ring true that he can turn any circumstance into a "foot in mouth" moment. Of course it isn't luck, it has something to do with an incredible lack of charm and common sense.

    In his defense, he did call the reporter to apologize. The man says he was not offended because he had not made the White House aware of his condition.

  2. Here's the link to another blog going over the immediate aftermath, the apology and subsequent conversation. Bush makes it clear he looks for opportunities to poke the reporters, and they apparently aren't too bothered by it. This seems to be not much an incident:



  3. I agree, chuckle-worthy but of no lasting import.


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