23 June 2006

Aha -- there's the catch

I knew it was too good to be completely true. It turns out that in the fine print, CMS gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

In order to maintain budget neutrality, ALL CPT codes with a work RVU component will be decreased by about 10% in value. So the code we had which increased 30% will show only a 20% NET increase. The overall impact on Emergency Medicine (and most primary care specialties) is still positive, but more on the order of 7% rather than my previous estimate of 16%. The impact on procedural specialties is 0% to -8% in revenue. (Someone's gotta lose if it's to be a zero-sum game.)

Still, the increased revenue is welcome, and the equalizing of the playing field, while incomplete, is fair and long overdue.

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