16 May 2006

The transforming power of eyewear

I picked up First Born Son, all of three and a half years of age, from school today, and as he scrambled into his car seat he spied some old sunglasses on the floor.

"Daddy," says he, "I need to wear those sunglasses, because it's very sunny out and sun might get in my eyes."

Sure, I thought, they're old and scratched and he can destroy them if he likes, so why not? I gave him the sunglasses and, delighted, he put them on.

As I started to pull out, he saw my sunglasses on the dash, and said, "Daddy, you need to wear your sunglasses also, so we can both be heroes."

I'm pretty sure he doesn't quite understand the meaning of the word "hero." Or, who knows? Maybe he does and it was just part of his little inner fantasy world. Either way, I went ahead and put on my sunglasses, as instructed.

And we were heroes.


  1. What a great story. I can just see you two heroes in your hero shades.

    Aren't kids the best?

  2. Truly awesome story. Yes, you were most definitely heroes. This is the stuff to live for and savor to the fullest.

  3. He explained to me tonight that I was a hero for putting together his play house out back on the deck.

    He gets it.


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