14 May 2006

He's running again

There's just no other explanation for this.


  1. "El Presidente Schwartzenegger from Mexifornia" - classic!

  2. The link was taken off of YouTube due to copyright infringements. Luckily the internets have come through for us: http://crooksandliars.com/

  3. Thanks.

    I didn't know you read C&L. What other political blogs do you frequent?

  4. I read Andrew Sullivan's daily dish and zefrank's page, although that's much more ridiculous than political, although it's often about politics.

    That's probably all for political blogs although yours counts I suppose.

  5. I sure hope he runs again.

    Dr. ibear

  6. We'll see. He's got the credibility, the time in exile, the sympathy factor (he was robbed!), and, most shockingly, the sense of humor.

    "Hi, I'm Al Gore. I used to be 'the Next President of the United States.'"

    Better than Hillary.

  7. You know, I am no fan of George Bush, but I am still amazed by the sentiment in the debate that Gore won the election in 2000. The truth is that he didn't. The argument that SCOTUS was the wrong body to finalize the election is fine, but the truth is that no one has yet generated an actual count of votes that woudl give the election to Gore, including the coalition of news media that re-counted over the succeeding several months.

    And either way, it must be accepted that from a statistical point of view, the election was a dead tie. The number of votes of separation was within the margin for error.

    You must give up the fantasy, as attractive as it is for you, that Gore won the election. It was a tie, and the only arbitrary mechanisms we had to decide the election all pointed to Bush, so we had to make the decision.

    And I agree that Hillary is unelectable so the Dems need to fund us someone soon.


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