08 May 2006

Do I hear 29?

Gallup has a terrible new poll for Bush: 31% approve, 65% disapprove.

Of course (I'm almost getting tired of saying this) this poll represents a new low for Bush's approval, but it's also worth noting that the disapproval is also a new record for W. The net approval is -34, which is the worst in the past 50 years by any president but Nixon. It's worse than Carter and Bush I, who each bottomed out at -31. The record for diapproval was 66%, which was Nixon's, one week before he resigned.

We should be so lucky.


  1. Shadowfax - did you see the roast at the press dinner by Colbert? Hysterically funny.

  2. Oops, duh. You posted the thing.
    Sorry. Great stuff, wasn't it?


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