04 April 2006

This F*cking Rocks

Okay, I've had two beers and am dehydrated from Karate, so my critical thinking skills are not at their best, and I am still sharp enough to be skeptical of anything Mitt Romney is associated with, but . . .

Mass. Bill Requires Health Coverage

This is the sort of thing the nation needs, BADLY. Now it has a number of flaws on the face of it. It's not single payor. It works via coercion and the enforcement is fuzzy at best. The adverse selection incentive will still drive the poorest/sickest into the worst plans. It's not automatic universal coverage. So it's not perfect. But what's the saying? "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

This has some good features. It appears to create affordable insurance plans even for otherwise uninsurable folks. It subsidizes low income folks in a rational manner. It maintains co-pays even for low-income folks (keeping an element of personal responsibility in the system). I wonder where it fits in with Medicaid?

I'll need more details, I think, before I sign on as an enthusiast. But it's a great start, it's innovative, and if nothing else, should add fuel to the fire for a national solution.

45 million uninsured. A national disgrace.

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  1. Dr. Dagny T.4/05/2006 9:07 AM

    Shadowfax, I agree completely with you. I would like to see a multi-tiered type of health care coverage with a catch-all universal health care. I see to many patients who can no longer work at their factory jobs from age 55 and then develop diabetes, hypertension, and worse yet - cancer - and have no coverage. These people have worked all their lives and it is a crime that just because they can no longer work in a back-breaking job, they are no longer entitled to health insurance. Yes, there has to be some moral responsibility in our society to ensure that everyone has heatlh care coverage. Now, my concern is: how far to we cover? To spend millions of dollars on an 82 y/o male with COPD, end-stage heart failure and diabetes, because his wife cannot say good-bye and won't? Or on the other end of the spectrum, to spend millions of dollars in the 30 week old preemie with already known brain damage? Who will judge?


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