28 April 2006

Polar Opposites

We staff two sites at the facility where I work. There is one main hospital which is very high-acuity and receives a ton of ambulance traffic, and a satellite facility which has been marketed to the community as more of an urgent-care center, and adjoins our Women's and Children's hospital.

So I worked the other night at the main facility. I saw a lot of weak and dizzy old folks and septic nursing home dumps transfers. The median age of my patients that night was 83 years old, with a maximum of 102.

Tonight I am working at the satellite ED. The median age today has been 8 (having a bimodal distribution with peaks at 16 months and 33 years), with a minimum age of 9 days.

Different worlds. Both get tiring if you do nothing but, so I am glad I have both, for variety. But very very different worlds.


  1. That is the beauty of emergency medicine and family medicine, isn't it? The variety. You really have variety! Keeps you interested and on your toes, huh? Lucky you to have it.

  2. at 100,000 visits a year the variety is merely mind-numbing


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