09 April 2006

No story, just a picture.

I see Great Minds think alike. (And fools seldom differ.)

Note: always logroll your trauma patients.


  1. how does one accomplish this???

  2. It's tucked behind his waistband, in back. He came in intubated and we never rolled him to fully expose him (as we should have) before he went to CT scan. So we were surprised to see the gun on the CT scout film.

  3. I thought he was just happy to see you...

  4. Yet another reason to do scout films before sticking someone in a gigantic magnet.


    (I know, you said CT, but the image of this guy going into an MR scanner was scarier)

  5. I would reprimand the CT techs if I were you or the radiologist in your practice. This is unacceptable.

  6. A very late response to Vijay: this should have been caught at least twice before he went to CT (once by the medics, once by the ED staff) so yelling at the CT staff would be substantially unfair.


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