28 April 2006

Heckuva Job, Georgie

The most recent CNN Poll has W down to 32% approval. I'm chilling a magnum of champagne for when he finally cracks 29%. Not that it's significant, it's just a milestone, like when the Dow broke 10,000.

It's kind of interesting to see the slope of Bush's ratings, from the meteoric spike at 9/11, steadily down until the invasion of Iraq, with a small spike there, and a continued downward trend with a small uptick during the campaign, and then back on its predetermined course. It's so linear it almost makes you wonder whether it could reach zero if he stayed in office long enough. Nah, it would probably get asymptotic at the end.

Heck of a job, George.


  1. I'll do a real analysis later, but this makes it look like Bush is going to spend more than half his presidency over the mean value of Clinton's popularity. That would be interesting. Also interesting is that both Bushes are going to bracket basically all other presidents.

  2. Well, he's got almost three years to go, so we'll have to see how it pans out. If he stays in the 30's for the next couple of years, or if he rebounds, the verdict will be very different. I gather the consesnus is that much will hinge on the midterm elections. If the democrats can take back either house, conventional wisdom is that Bush's legacy is finished, and his last two years will be a continual flurry of investigations and subpoenas. (Whether that would be a good thing for democrats is another question.) Whereas if they can keep both houses on congress, he'll likely recapture enough support to run out the clock in the 40's.

    This is all assuming we don't invade Iran.


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